Full-Stack Developer/Prompt Programmer for Conversational AI Platform

About ExpertEase AI:

ExpertEase AI is an innovative AI automation agency specializing in creating advanced conversational AI platforms and chatbots that are multi-lingual and highly intuitive. Our mission is to combine human expertise with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver ultra-personalized guidance and support to customers globally.

We Are Seeking:

A part-time Full-Stack Developer with a background in Prompt Programming, Large Language Models (LLMs), Machine Learning, Few-shot prompting, In-context learning, and AI automations. This role is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and is focused on enhancing our Membership-Based Chatbot Platform and AI automation implementations.

This opportunity is ideal for individuals seeking to establish a fulfilling career path in Australia, as we are committed to supporting our team members in achieving their long-term professional aspirations.

About You:

With a strong background in mathematics and reasoning, you possess quick, intuitive problem-solving skills, essential for navigating and innovating in the fast-paced world of AI technology.

Your dedication to Business Process Improvements and your proficiency in Lean and Agile methodologies have recently steered your focus toward the dynamic field of conversational AI. With a solid foundation in Large Language Models (LLMs), machine learning, and AI automation, you are driven by a desire to innovate and excel. You are eager to embrace the challenge of playing a key role in advancing AI communication technologies. 

This position not only offers substantial opportunities for personal and professional development but also the prospect of evolving into a full-time role. As you grow with us, taking on increased responsibilities, fostering trust, and spearheading platform innovations, you will be instrumental in shaping the trajectory of our company and the future of AI technology.

Project Description:

You’ll work on developing sophisticated chatbot platforms using technologies like OpenAI, Claude, Hugging Face, TensorFlow, Django, Next.js, MySQL, and AWS. Your role encompasses both frontend and backend development, user authentication, crafting a user-friendly chatbot interface, building payment gateways and secure payment processing. You’ll be instrumental in implementing core platform capabilities, including multilingual support, versatile data integration, and intuitive admin/user panels.

Key Responsibilities:

– Development of chatbot platforms (Backend and Frontend).

– Implementing image-to-video and video-to-video generation capabilities.

– Managing databases using ChromaDB (DuckDB) and MySQL.

– Creating and overseeing user and admin panels for subscription monitoring, chatbot management, and analytics.

– Ensuring robust security measures and efficient deployment on servers.

Required Skills and Experience:

– Solid Full-Stack Development experience, especially in AI-driven platforms.

– Proficiency in TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, and OpenCV.

– Strong skills in Python, JavaScript, and C++ (a plus).

– Experience with Django, Next.js, MySQL, and AWS.

– Knowledge in LLMs, machine learning, API integration, and web design.

– Experience with WordPress and security tools for data protection.

– Familiarity with GitHub, JIRA, Trello, or similar version and project management tools.


The salary is negotiable, reflecting the candidate’s experience and skills. This position offers the potential for full-time engagement and a pathway to becoming an integral part of our business, with opportunities to earn shares and contribute significantly to our innovative projects.


No Agencies. 

This position requires your presence at our Adelaide office, offering a hybrid work arrangement that combines on-site collaboration with some flexibility for remote work.

To apply, please send us your Cover Letter (explaining why you want to work with us), including your CV and a portfolio of relevant projects to 

Join us at ExpertEase AI and be at the forefront of AI technology, shaping the future of business communications!