ExA minimizes data collection. It may collect anonymous transcripts of conversations to improve the platform. No recordings are kept and personal details are limited.

Encryption, access controls, external audits, and responsible oversight help secure user data. ExpertEase AI takes data protection extremely seriously.

Yes, users will have options to request deletion of their conversational history. Data minimization and user control are key principles.

No, ExA does not share or sell user data with third parties like advertisers or data brokers. Data is only used to improve ExA’s functionality.

Regular audits, ethical reviews, and ExpertEase AI’s commitment to transparency help build trust. But risks remain with any online service.

While no system is 100% secure, ExA employs strong safeguards to protect user data against cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Special legal protections for minors exist. ExA avoids knowingly collecting any data on children under 18.

Any incidents will be disclosed transparently rather than concealed. Affected users would be notified per legal requirements.