Here at ExpertEase AI (ExA) we adhere to strict security standards validated by independent audits to keep your data ultra-secure. 

Encryption & Data Privacy

All transmitted and stored customer data is encrypted ensuring only intended recipients can access it. We use industry gold-standard RSA-4096 and AES-256 encryption implementing best practices like key rotation and secrets management. 

Rigorous access control policies limit employee data access only on a need-to-know basis. Customers retain ownership and control over their conversation data. They can request data deletion or transfers at any time adhering to GDPR privacy regulations.

Data Privacy with ExpertEase AI
Cyber Security For AI Chatbots


Our platform leverages Google Cloud’s highly secure and resilient infrastructure for all processing and storage needs. Customer data resides in private VPCs only accessible to our services behind multiple firewalls. Traffic always stays within the same region meeting localization compliance needs.

Stringent Security Reviews:

Trusted third-party partners frequently conduct penetration tests, vulnerability assessments and risk analyses on the platform and processes. We address any identified gaps rapidly, continually strengthening defenses. 

Our information security management policies meet ISO 27001 standards followed by training every employee. We also engage leading cybersecurity firms to validate and certify our security posture via attestations adhering to industry best practices.

security reviews
responsible ai practices

Responsible AI Practices

We have a dedicated team focused on trust and safety to oversee privacy protections and prevent abuse. Conversational transcripts are regularly deleted after no longer needed for improving our AI. Data minimization is a core principle – we avoid collecting legally protected categories of sensitive personal information. While housed in the cloud, our storage systems have stringent physical controls against unauthorized access to augment digital security. 

We will never share or sell user data to third parties like advertisers or data brokers. Data is only provided to outside entities if legally compelled. We perform privacy assessments before launching any new features involving data to prevent unintended consequences. 

Incident Response

If any data breach incident occurs despite safeguards, we have plans in place for transparent public disclosure and notification to affected users as legally required. We maintain insurance coverage for reparations.

Cognitive Conversational Interface (CCI)

Future Commitments

As technology and potential risks evolve, so will our privacy programs. We will implement additional innovations like federated learning and differential privacy to enhance protections. Our policies are re-evaluated regularly to address emerging conversational AI risks proactively.